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Acquisition Capital

Acquisition Capital finances, acquires, manages and grows unique companies. We partner with sellers, investors, and entrepreneurs nationwide to deliver value through our acquisition process. We create transparent win-win transactions, ensuring a fair market valuation resulting in liquidity for selling parties, and prosperous low-risk returns for investors.

We Acquire, Finance & Grow Unique Companies

Acquisition Capital focuses on acquiring private and promising companies for institutional investors. We identify stable growing companies, drawing upon our entrepreneurial roots and expertise to finance strategic acquisitions and create investment opportunities for our clients. As an experienced advisor – we handle the entire process, drawing your attention to any possible risks, and making sure that you receive the information you need to make your decision as well as discover new impulses for further growth.

Long Term Partnerships 

How It Works

  • We are able to identify potential acquisition targets or a suitable investor much more quickly through our extensive knowledge of market conditions across many economic sectors.
  • We identify investment opportunities with upside potential through a very selective vetting process.
  • We use a combination of industry expertise and technology to pinpoint the best deals and automate the process. Our unique approach enables us to provide solutions by crafting innovative ways to maximize value.   

Our Vetting Process

  • We select acquisition targets sensibly, so we can continue to give a highly personalized service to each and every client.
  • We provide expert reports and valuations as part of the assessment process of each new company.
  • We base our vetting process on a number of criteria, reflecting our experience, wide knowledge, and capital market expertise.
  • Our acquisition and disposition services include sourcing of businesses, investment analysis, market risk identification, transaction sourcing, underwriting, due diligence, contract negotiations, and closing.
  • Meeting our clients’ investment objectives is our primary goal. We focus on sectors with favourable supply and demand characteristics, and will invest only when the projected returns compensate our clients for the development risk.
  • We base our investment decisions on a relative value framework with the goal of delivering long-term performance for our investors.

Financial Organization – 7% Cash Flow and 12% Annual Growth over 4 years

Example Deals

Deal 2

Marketing Agency 9% Cash Flow 

and 7% Annual Growth over 6 years

Deal 1

Industrial Company 6% Cash Flow 

and 8% Annual Growth over 5 years

Deal 3

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